Backstage at zooom!




Our webteam was brushing up on skills and scooping up the latest digital trends at dmexco last week.


zooomies take to the skies!

To get a better insight into the lives of Red Bull X-Alps athletes, a number of zooomies undertook the rigorous training of a one-day paragliding course, under the mentorship of Sky Club Austria.

First flights were made, there were a few tumbles, but overall, an amazing day with a lot of lessons learned!


On a roll!

Hopefully it's not the last day of summer, but just to be safe, we sent Luigi on a little vacation to make sure he's ready for winter! 


Can you say Campari?

Quite the welcome at Campari Headquarters in Italy for zooom!




The Quick French Getaway

zooomie Fabi dodges some history while supervising a videoshoot for an upcoming Gitzo campaign.