Backstage at zooom!



Garage Sale for Charity!

We're gearing up for our Christmas Garage Sale! This year, we'll be donating all proceeds to Wings for Life. Come by on Friday or Saturday, buy a shirt, a backpack, shoes, helmets, some skis or a snowboard and help find a cure for spinal cord injury!


Leo gets trigger-happy in the studio

Leo is hiding from the late-April snow on a top secret studio shoot. You'll see the results really soon...


Struggling to connect to WIFI

Our new editor Michael knows how to get good copy out of any keyboard. Welcome to the zooom family!


Odlo in the house

Super excited to welcome Odlo in Fuschl am See to discuss some future projects. Have a save trip back home!


The Easter bunny stopped by at zooom...

and brought some sweet treats. He obviously got into the snow this morning.
Happy belated Easter to all of you!