Backstage at zooom!



Sugar-fueled communications

We enjoy a little sugar from time to time here at the zooom offices, especially during the summer. 

Icezeit made sure we got our daily dose of sugar and stayed cool when the temperatures soared past 30C.


School's out for summer

Just before end of term the students of St. Gilgen International School are completing a project with zooom.


zooom at the OutDoor Friedrichshafen with Red Bull X-Alps 2017

Had a blast at the press conference with the Red Bull X-Alps athletes Manuel Nübel, Pascal Purin and Krischa Berlinger. Stay tuned for the race...


He is back in town...

Luigi is back for the season!


Cooking up some social media knowledge

Spied on the Social Media Trends workshop in our big kitchen today. VIPs only...