Backstage at zooom!



zooomies take to the skies!

To get a better insight into the lives of Red Bull X-Alps athletes, a number of zooomies undertook the rigorous training of a one-day paragliding course, under the mentorship of Sky Club Austria.

First flights were made, there were a few tumbles, but overall, an amazing day with a lot of lessons learned!


Are we cameraholics?

Some people call us camera addicts, but we really don't see why...


Jingle on the way...

We are already in full swing for Christmas preparations!


Road Trip to Wetzlar

Last week, we headed out to Leica's headquarters in Wetzlar to host a CI-workshop with the SportOptik division.


Time to get Creative!

Always great to have StGIS in the building!

This time, they came by for a workshop all about the creative process; taking a concept from first idea to fully presented project!