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 Graphic Design
This is the end of this hot project.
Leica Sport Optics
Since 2015:
Strategy / Campaigns, Graphic Design

The mission

Following a number of exciting projects together with Leica Camera, we now also work together with Leica Sport Optics, who wanted a complete visual overhaul of their main Hunting & Nature catalogues. It should communicate the brand’s premium position and tell the story of Leica’s long history in the worlds of nature observation & hunting. Furthermore Leica Sport Optics approached us to think of a communication campaign for their new Noctivid binoculars.

Our solution:

We created a new layout concept and built a new and fresh version of the Leica Hunting & Leica Nature Observation catalogues in four different languages. On August 19th 2016, Leica Sport Optics has unveiled its much anticipated new binoculars - the Noctivid. zooom has worked with Leica throughout the whole process to develop and execute the full campaign, design effective key visuals, online banners and digital assets. We created a full storyboard for the product video, as well as acting as production coordinator. Finally, sleek Noctovid t-shirts and bags have been designed and produced by zooom to bolster the campaign. And a lot more exciting projects are still in the pipeline!



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