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 Graphic Design
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 Graphic Design
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 Graphic Design
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 Graphic Design
This is the end of this hot project.
Since 2014:
Strategy / Campaigns, Graphic Design, Photography

The mission:

SALEWA has been around since 1935. Just in time for their 80th birthday they have given a facelift to their logo and approached us to create a whole new design language. What SALEWA wanted was a completely new appearance of the brand as we have come to know it.

Our solution:

We created a story around the brand that would inspire consumers to change their everyday lives, accept challenges and re-energize in the mountains. Matching SALEWA's straightforward, no-frills product design, we furthermore established a new, clean and sophisticated graphic language. To share this vision with end consumers we captured it in various exciting product and brand videos and images. In addition, we generated another synergy with SALEWA once again set to sponsor Red Bull X-Alps in 2017.



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