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zooom supports brand relaunch of Ebner's Waldhof

News from close to home! Ebner’s Waldhof, a client from right here in Fuschl am See, has asked us to do a complete brand relaunch of their traditional family hotel. Founded in 1958 and located amidst the stunning landscape of the Salzkammergut and directly on the shores of beautiful Lake Fuschl, the hotel prides itself in offering countless sporting activities, soothing spa treatments and a range of other recreation, wellness and children’s events. As the Waldhof’s reputation grows stronger, they need a visual appearance to match. So the Ebner Family sat down with us to talk about a complete brand relaunch.

We supported their mission by creating a targeted brand equity, fresh communication concepts and a brand new corporate identity with a new logo and slogan. The relaunch includes the creation of all branding materials a hotel could possibly need – from folders and various advertising and point of sale tools like stationery, carrier bags, roll ups, beach flags and banners to customer giveaways like herb pillows. More projects are in the pipeline too. We’re planning numerous photoshoots and hotel facility designs like hotel floor plans, restaurant receipts, room keycards, lots of merchandising and a whole lot more.

Stay tuned – there’s a lot happening in Fuschl am See. If you want to come by and see for yourself – you’ll always be welcomed at Ebner’s Waldhof.



Italian sportswear manufacturer SALEWA is recognized worldwide for its high-quality products. Promoting such a reputable brand however requires a very special campaign; and that’s where we come in. From concept to delivery, zooom is proud to be the team behind ‘get vertical’ – SALEWA’s summer campaign. The idea was to inspire consumers to explore more and make the most of the mountains.

To achieve this, zooom teamed up with photographer Klaus Fengler and SALEWA athlete Simon Gietl for an epic photo shoot on the challenging north face of Tre Cime in Italy. The end result was two eye-catching keyvisuals; one to inspire the amateur consumers and one to captivate the professionals. You can expect big things this summer, so keep an eye out. To see more of our work with SALEWA, head over here.


Red Bull X-Alps 2017 Route Announced

The new route has been revealed for the 2017 Red Bull X-Alps, fully organized by zooom, which will be the longest and hardest in the event’s 14-year history.

Racing a straight-line distance of 1,138km from Salzburg to Monaco, 32 world class athletes from 21 countries will hike and fly via 7 turnpoints in 7 different countries - including Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France and for the first time; Slovenia.

This exciting new development will make the world's toughest adventure more challenging and more unpredictable than ever before.

Race director Christoph Weber says; “The distances between the turnpoints will be longer than in the last seven editions. Such a wide variety of potential routes comes with a whole new world of strategic possibilities that will push rookies and veterans alike to their very limits; both mentally and physically.”



Salewa, the Italian manufacturer of outdoor sports gear has teamed up with zooom on many exciting projects; and 2017 is no exception. In preparation for their seasonal spring/summer campaign, zooom CEO and chief photographer Ulrich Grill embarked on a photo shoot like no other. At over 3000m in the Dolomites, northeast Italy, the shoot took place at dawn to capture the morning mist and a glorious sunrise.

The stunning imagery from the shoot will be used for a series of print ads and POS tools which will help to promote the brand’s hiking gear for those warmer months. Keep an eye out for the upcoming campaign, it’s going to be epic!

In attendance were Salewa athletes Paul Guschlbauer and Aaron Durogati who will also be coming to zooom on the 29th of March for the official route announcement of the Red Bull X-Alps.



The Ebner’s Waldhof hotel, situated by the beautiful Lake Fuschl, has been a neighbor and partner of zooom for many years. Whilst currently on a well-deserved, one-month break, the leisure complex will once again open its doors to guests on the 6th of April. This time however, they will be operating under a new brand identity which was carefully designed and delivered by the zooom team. This was achieved through a new range of hotel stationary and merchandising.

Another exciting aspect of the brand relaunch was the aerial filming of the four-star hotel’s stunning grounds. Making the most of the rarely frozen lake, we took to the air to get some spectacular drone shots of the complex and its snow-covered surroundings. The result was this short and cinematic video, which is testament to the beautiful region that the luxury hotel calls home. Click here to see more of our work with Ebner’s Waldhof.