Shave your style

The Mission

When Braun, a Procter & Gamble company that’s been in business since 1921 came to zooom, they were looking for a fresh, authentic way to engage the youth and lifestyle market. Having strong awareness amongst older demographics, but little relevance for younger markets, they needed a new look, a new feel and a new communications strategy.

One of our key achievements with Braun was the innovative Shave Your Wave campaign. Using eye-catching graphic design to grab the consumer’s attention, we established a need for consumers to use Braun products to help shape their own identity. The clever print ads evolved into the ‘Shave Your Style’ campaign, leading to many more Braun and zooom collaborations for years to come.

Among the countless pieces of media produced for Procter & Gamble each year, zooom’s Braun cruZer3 campaign picked up the Procter & Gamble Brand Building Award; no small feat considering the vast competition!

As scored by the consultants Milward Brown, zooom’s 2006 TV commercial for the Braun cruZer3 campaign was scored as the brand’s most effective TV commercial ever.

The Battle of The Year

Identifying a key target market in young urban males for their new Braun Cruzer multi-use trimmer, the company needed traction in a non-mainstream niche; the world of competitive breakdancing. The b-boy scene, where style and individual identity helped performers and competitors stand out from the crowd was a natural fit. For those ready to make bold decisions about how they styled their beards, the Braun Cruzer and the B-Boy scene were the perfect match.

Braun fully embraced the B-Boy community and even went as far as becoming the headline sponsor of the community’s main event: The Battle of The Year dance competition. Why did it work? The participants and fans actually used and wanted the product. It was a lesson in authenticity.

From TV to cinema

Braun’s Battle of the Year wasn’t just a dance competition. Thanks to Sony Pictures, it became a real Hollywood Movie. OK, we didn’t win any Oscars, but when you get the opportunity to be involved in a feature film, you take it! The Battle of the Year starred Josh Holloway from Lost, rapper Chris Brown and a cast of other characters on their journey to the world’s biggest breakdance competition. And yes, there was some premium product placement.

Working with celebrities

As a testimonial for Braun products, German actor Til Schweiger helped us make Braun’s former image even sexier in 2009.



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