Cooperative of photography

The mission

The explosion of digital photography has transformed the landscape of visual communication and culture. Events, moments, objects and people are captured and distributed on an unprecedented scale in this day and age. allows avid photographers to celebrate this modern era of photography and express their love for photography in everyday life. It serves as the go-to hotspot for everything imaginable about photography.

An introduction by Ulrich, Founder of Cooph

COOPH Youtube Channel

COOPH videos showcase awesome DIY photography tutorials explaining tips, tricks and hacks. Broadcasting to over 630.000 subscribers, each video is jam-packed with pure, undiluted photography inspiration.

About the magazine

COOPH’s online magazine is a platform dedicated to the  work of photographers around the world. From powerful documentary series to portraiture, travel and everything in-between, the magazine serves as your go-to place for an eclectic mix of the latest and greatest in photography.

Style meets Functionality


Stylish yet functional apparel, designed by photographers, for photographers. From integrated lens cloths to beanies with built-in storage solutions, the unique design of COOPH clothing means you can never leave the house without it.

Cooperation with Leica

Teaming up with premium camera brand Leica, COOPH has expanded its successful apparel range with a fashionable camera strap made of repurposed climbing rope.

Cooperation with Olympus

In collaboration with camera giant Olympus, COOPH created several limited edition t-shirt designs to celebrate the release of Olympus’s OM-D camera.



We’re full of ideas and ready for any challenge; no matter how big or small. Jump onboard and together we’ll make great things happen.

You in?