Framed on Gitzo

The mission

Gitzo tripods and photographic accessories have long been recognised by professional photographers the world over for their excellence. Our mission? To raise the bar in their communication. For us, that always begins at the strategic level, diving into the brand to discover what really defines them. 

At zooom, this is what we love. And it also pays off – time spent getting to know and understand what makes a brand tick is time never wasted. We have looked after many photographic brands over the years – we’re photographers ourselves – and we understand this market better than most.

The centenary

It’s not everyday you get asked to help a brand celebrate its 100th birthday, so naturally we took the honor seriously. Our creative guys produced a subtle but simple logo out of the infinity sign, a reminder of Gitzo’s longevity. We have also supported Gitzo with the concept of its centenary events and took care of the creative concept and art direction for two videos.

The Picture

Out of the brand relaunch came the new claim, ‘frame the extraordinary’ and a new product campaign, which included the design of several marketing assets such as product catalog, brand booklet and packaging materials.



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You in?