Rock the sky

The mission

Of course we like to say about all of our clients that they are exceptional high-flyers, but for our close friend and brother in heart Hannes Arch you can take this quite literally. As an all-round adventurer and Red Bull Air Race pilot, Hannes Arch has spent years ripping up the skies, working his way to becoming Red Bull Air Race World Champion in 2008. As Hannes Arch's long-term agency, our target has always been to assist him on his flight path to success.

Throughout the years, we decked out Hannes with a wide array of communication materials. We designed a new responsive website for him, complete with dedicated areas to showcase his various sponsors. We then created branding tools like striking autograph cards, adventure books and invitations partner days. In short: an overhaul worthy of a world champion! 

Hannes passed away in September, 2016 and we will dearly miss him every day, every hour and every second.



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