Engineers of active layers

The Vision

The sportswear label ODLO came to us with a vision and a question. Although well known as a manufacturer of performance base layers and underwear, particularly for winter sports, they wanted to increase their brand awareness in summer activities. Could we help them become a year-round global sports brand, as respected for their running, training, hiking and cycling lineup as their winter products? 

Strategy is where it begins at zooom. Guiding brands with their strategic goals is what inspires us and informs the creative journey. So when ODLO reached out to us, we were only too happy to help. Since March 2017, we’ve been their lead agency, guiding and supporting their vision, then designing the right creative tools to get there. 

ODLO is our kind of brand.

Their products are premium, their design innovative and eye-catching, their attention to detail uncompromising. We needed to create a vision and campaign to match. 

That meant beginning from scratch, on paper and (as is quite common with us) in the vicinity of one of the office coffee machines. The conclusion we proposed was to reach out to a more youthful audience and consumer.

To do that, we overhauled ODLO’s brand compass, injecting a sense of fun into its CI, visuals and tone of voice while staying true to its heritage.
Nothing too radical, just turning the ship’s wheel a few subtle degrees.

This ultimately led to the #mykindofcool campaign.

Creative Approach


Ceramicool and Ceramiwool are two innovative ODLO technologies that feature uniquely ‘active cooling’ properties, ceramic compounds in the yarn that keeps the skin cool. Our challenge was to reach a younger target group, bring this active cooling story alive and put ODLO in a new dynamic and fun light.

The #mykindofcool campaign was the result. It was a campaign that stretched across video and photo production, key visuals and POS materials that played on the double meaning of the word ‘cool’, as something both fun and functional.

Graphics and 3D CGI

Making technologie visible

All product shots meanwhile were created in-house in our own studio. Having this facility and our own photo team offers big advantages and gives much greater creative control on the whole process.


Stay cool - on all levels

For the mix of urban and backcountry visuals we headed to Vienna and the Unesco World Heritage site of Alta Badia in the Italian Dolomites. Being based in the mountains ourselves means we not only know the best secret locations to film – but are ideally situated to reach them.

For this shoot we headed to our favorite col to shoot the cycling sequence and one of the most breathtaking places to pitch a tent for some stunning dawn beauty shots.

(No, we’re not revealing its location!) 

When looking for a new creative partner it was clear that we had to find a small, agile agency who is tuned in to the world that ODLO operates in. After just a few meetings it was obvious that zooom was the right partner. In a time of transformation, we needed a collaborator who could help us to formulate our vision into creative communication that’s market relevant.

Ulrich and his team are tremendously open, communicative and always on the lookout for the best solutions.

Timo Pape, Brand Director - Odlo International

POS Activation

my bottle is cooler than yours

A great campaign should feel fun and we certainly had some of that creating the POS materials – a cooling fridge of course with some popsicles in the freezer, and some branded alu water bottles to further cool you down.

What's up next?

We’re already looking towards the 2018-19 winter season while the brand development is an on-going story. Our creative journey with ODLO continues.

What about you, are you in?



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