Red Bull’s Mind Gamers project is a unique brand-building mission – it’s not telling or selling a story, but inviting you to be part of creating one. Escape-the-room puzzles, memory games – this unique installation-event had to literally capture your attention. Competitors qualified through a series of online games before being invited to the compete head-to-head, in real life and real time. In 2017 the major theme was ‘Esacpe the Room’ – in 2018, Rubik’s Cube specialist are battling at various regional events worldwide, leading up to the World Championship Showdown in Boston. We worked on both!

Look and feel

Pieces of a puzzle 

Our task was to help develop the overall look and feel of Red Bull Mind Gamers’ visual communication. With a strong nod towards gaming culture in both color palette and design, our visuals had to make a message clear: this was fun, but challenging – and requires a high level of mental acuity.

Sharp and smart 

In print, out-of-home

zooom mocked up various visual possibilities for use in both OOH and in print magazines – including image re-touching, copy and concept, and visual language. 

grab and go 

Merch that works 

A project as clever as Red Bull Mind Gamers needs smart marketing materials – in this case, we had the idea create a cup (perfect for a drink of Red Bull!) that lights up when there’s liquid inside. Sound like something a 10-year-old would love? Absolutely – but unsurprisingly to us, everyone else loved it too. 

One cool can 

On-site visuals

Red Bull Mind Gamers is such a cool event, it got its own special can of Red Bull Blue – so Red Bull asked us to develop some on-site information to let people know about the unique new product.



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