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The Mission

To some extreme athletes, hiking or flying from Austria to Monaco through the Alps might sound simple enough. However, every two years, the competitors of Red Bull X-Alps find out otherwise. The event is a non-stop adventure race where athletes brave scorching heat and freezing rain as they race across Europe’s most fearsome mountain range.

Since the early days of the race, we made the athletes' awesome journey a unique media happening. While the hardy competitors were running their feet off or soaring at 5,000m, we were bringing the spectacle right into the homes of hundreds of thousands of fans around the globe.


The world’s toughest adventure race

When we first dreamed up the Red Bull X-Alps with our good friend Hannes Arch, it sounded just like that: a dream. Beyond achievable, and certainly beyond likely – a group of paragliders racing each other the entire distance of the Alps, from Salzburg to Monaco.

While incredibly daunting, the premise was simple enough – and in 2003, there were 17 paragliders crazy enough to do it. Just three of them finished. 


By foot or flight across the Alps

The only way for competitors to make forward progress was by hiking – or flying. Using thermal lift to gain altitude, then soaring towards the next turnpoint, was by far the most effective way to move – and since the very beginning, the athletes that dominated the skies dominated the race.

Meanwhile, those athletes willing to grind it out on the ground – like Toma Coconea – remained fan favorites if only because of the sheer willpower with which they attacked the race.

From concept to completion

360º Event Planning

From concept to completion, we own the entire task list for the Red Bull X-Alps. It’s event planning down the most minute detail.

And it’s a long list – location agreements, sponsor acquisition and management, comms plans, press releases, press conferences, on-site display – all part of making sure the Red Bull X-Alps is a success for everyone involved.

Branding, image, and design

A race like this needs attitude and identity – and the way we give it that is strong branding and graphic design.

All visual materials and digital touchpoints follow the strict Red Bull X-Alps branding guidelines – from including it’s catchphrase ‘The world’s toughest adventure race’ wherever possible, to precise rules about sizing and positioning of sponsor logos. It’s a complicated job – but a key part of making an event professional, and not just a party. 

Multimedia, multichannel

Fan of the Red Bull X-Alps are highly enthusiastic – while the bulk of communication centered around the robust website with live tracking – content went out on every social media channel available, with additional reporting directly from the race route via Facebook Live. 

Custom-built live tracking

Our website at isn’t just a hub for information about athletes, rules, and the route – it’s the living, pulsing heart of the entire event.

Once the start gun is fired, every movement of every single athlete is tracked live on an interactive map, with multiple layers of information – location, direction of travel, speed, altitude, hiking or flying.

For the intensely curious fans of the Red Bull X-Alps, it’s better than watching from the sidelines – they can see the whole race, spread out over the entirety of the Alps – all at once. 

Millions of meters, millions of views

The collective effort of the athletes accumulated over the years is stunning – virtually countless kilometers covered, countless height meters ascended in descended.

More impressive?
The reach of the media coverage – which had a stunning 604 million audience contacts in 2017 alone. 

A technological achievement

Building the Red Bull X-Alps website isn’t as simple as placing some images and text in a pre-made website template – it’s custom built from the ground up, and handles multiple millions of data points every time someone loads up the live tracker. It’s so unique, in fact, that Google did a case study on it  – highlighting how we utilized services like Google Cloud to keep information up-to-date and on-point.



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