Events and Experiences

Events – whether it’s a global photo contest or multi-sport race across the mountains – are a great way for people to experience your brand up-close-and-personal. Talk to us to find out if you could – and should – build a branded (or un-branded) event of any kind.

Event Concept

Let us help you refine your needs further to determine what kind of event best serves you. Experience-oriented? Spectator? Participatory? Competitive?

All can be excellent ways to tell your brand story.

Event Production and Branding

From the moment the event is announced, the show has begun – you don’t want to miss a single cue. From designing an attention-grabbing activation tool or media kit, to making sure the party is started when crowds arrive – we can hold your hand every step of the way.

Event Communication

If you really want to call your event a home run, it’s not just what happens on-site – it’s about the buzz that happens before, during and afterwards. zooom can manage your event production top to bottom, and help shape the storytelling every step of the way – giving you the ROI your brand needs.



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